Mittwoch, 8. März 2006
blog against sexism day
gotta do this in english since the ‘blog against sexism day’ … well you see, it’s in english…

vegankid – blog against sexism day

“women think having children is an exertion.”

that was pretty much the first thing I got to hear this morning at the kitchen table.
a man uttering this accusing phrase in front of two women…

the discussion went on along this line:
… and therefore the country goes down the drain. great and beautiful germany is going to be deserted, lacking small and big germans. women are to blame for it…

thanks for this really impressing piece of sexism early in the morning on international women’s day.

to all of you sexists, even though you think you know all about women, shut up anyways. I’d prefer not to have another man smirking right at me while saying such incredibly stupid things as:
“women never empty their water glases.” or “women always ride their bikes with flat tires.” or “women are to be held responsible for demographic decline.

not having to hear things like that would make my day.

and by the way: the only thing probably all women have in comon is that they’re exploited, opressed and despised by patriarchial structures. some women are more than others. [most women have to suffer a lot more than me – for I am on the privileged side being a white, western european, well educated woman… ] apart from that we're all different - and beautiful! :-)

have a nice day and fight sexism!

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